Celebrating sixteen years of culinary excellence at Northcote. “It’s a feast in every sense of the word, a celebration, a fiesta, a festival of incredible food… and wine.
But Obsession is not just about the food, the wines, the service, it’s not formulas that make great festivals, it’s the people; the chefs; the staff and the guests at the 16th year of Obsession, when we celebrate 16 nights of pure gastronomic brilliance!” Bite Club had the honour of dining three of the sixteen nights, even one night at the chefs table. This was food at its finest! Only wish we could go to all of them!

Diego Hernández (Mexico) Wojciech Modest Amaro (Poland) and Nigel Howarth blew us away with their inventive, flavour packed creations on a plate. Bring on Obsession 2017!