Our Adventures

Northern Restaurant and Bar 2016

Checking out all things restauranty at this year's NR&B Show in Manchester proved to be educational (ok, boozy!) who knew there were so many gins! Met some very cool industry people, gathered some ideas and drank several samples in the spirit

Obsession at Northcote Manor

Celebrating sixteen years of culinary excellence at Northcote. "It’s a feast in every sense of the word, a celebration, a fiesta, a festival of incredible food... and wine. But Obsession is not just about the food, the wines, the service, it's not

Tulum, Mexico

So Tulum is Bite Club's spiritual and culinary home! In preparation for a mind blowing Day of the Dead party, Bite Club took flight and headed to the Mexican shores where food is fresh out of the sea or not far from the ground. It is impossible to

Twelve in Thornton

Always inventive, always attentive. Twelve is one of our favourite local spots for top notch food, superb cocktails and a sure-fire great night out. The awesome team at Twelve have always been supporters of Bite Club and were always at the end of a


In search of the perfect pizza!  (the perfect negroni, the perfect coffee, the perfect limoncello, the perfect gelato, the list goes on. We are in food heaven here.) Naples and surrounding islands provided the ultimate backdrop for a marathon food